Great Voices Sing John Denver

John Denver

Legendary music producer, Milt Okun, along with composer Lee Holdridge and conductor and singer, Plácido Domingo, are bringing some of the most famous names in opera to John Denver s famous hit songs: Great Voices Sing John Denver . The album features artists such as Plácido Domingo, Rod Gilfry, Daniel Montenegro, ShenYang, Danielle de Niese, Rene Pape, among others. The group is comprised of an international group of singers because that s who John Denver was - an international man. All the artists were given the option of which song they wished to sing and unbelievably no two artists chose the same song. As with many people, each of the artists had personal stories that went along with their song choice.


CD Details

Number of discs: 1
Release Date: June 11, 2013
Label: MPE Music